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    Rules & Regulations Empty Rules & Regulations

    Post by Aimrys on Mon Jul 23, 2012 4:32 pm

    Rules & Regulations

    Here at Caelum, we have some basic rules for all of our members to follow.

    1.No spamming the forums or chat.
    2.No harassing other players.
    3.No excessive profanity. (moderate profanity is accepted to some extent, but be respectful, please.)
    4.Keep topics and content to a PG-13 rating. (this means no nudity, no links to nudity or inappropiate sites, no drug references, no discussion of committing illegal activities, and more. If you have questions, as usual, please contact an Officer.)
    5.No excessive trolling. (trolling for fun may sometimes be acceptable, haha)
    6.Please resolve conflicts among yourselves in a mature manner. There is no need for pointless drama. If that occurs, actions from the community's Officers may be taken.

    Note of Non-Discrimination

    We take discrimination very seriously here. If any member, or officer for that matter, is caught discriminating against anyone based on sexual orientation, gender, race, ethnicity, religious beliefs, political beliefs, financial status, physical or mental condition, etc. (we reserve the right to decide what discrimination is in addition to the listed subjects) they will be permanently banned from the community in all situations and will never be allowed back under any circumstances.

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